UC Berkeley T-Shirt

Global Architecture Brigades at UC Berkeley (GAB@CAL) is a student-led humanitarian organization dedicated to the design and construction of socially and environmentally responsible solutions to architectural problems in the developing world. They collaborate with rural communities in Honduras to alleviate needs in health and education infrastructure through design and hands-on construction projects. GAB@CAL is a subset of Global Brigades, that provides comprehensive intervention for the recipient community and encourages a cross-disciplinary exchange amongst the participating students. To date, nearly 12,450 student volunteers have participated in Global Brigades programs, benefitting close to 300,000 people globally. I was fortunate enough to create the design for the 2015 t-shirt, and the inspiration stemmed from Honduran culture fused with the UC Cal bear. After multiple sketches, my team and I ultimately chose a ‘zendoodle’ approach with a tribal vibe. https://www.globalbrigades.org/

UC Berkeley (GAB@CAL)

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