Period Prep Kit

Menstruation; that time of the month, Aunt Flo; the rag...the list goes on. Simply put, it’s just a period--a normal occurrence for women, yet one that society deliberately ignores. The word alone carries a negative stigma, not to mention the event itself. Periods are a hush-hush topic, and due to this arcane reality, preadolescent girls in the US receive inconsistent and incomplete education regarding menstrual health. Lacking this proper knowledge, a girl’s first period can be a traumatizing event. This is not okay. It’s time to shake this preconceived nonsense towards periods, and give young girls the proper materials they both deserve and need. Our solution: a comprehensive Period Prep Kit that prepares these girls in advance. The kit teaches the basics of menstruation while also providing the necessary tools for her first experience. Inspired by the concept of Japanese duality, the hollow book conceals the period supplies from the outside, but celebrates the passage into womanhood from within. Because “the period talk” can be both awkward and scary, the book aims to compartmentalize the process by breaking down the experience into manageable steps. Carefully crafted to slow down the interaction, the girl’s first encounter after opening the vessel is a reassuring voice “take a bite, let’s talk” (a piece of chocolate and a booklet). As she moves to the next tray, she’s encouraged to familiarize herself with a panty-liner, pad, and tampon. Ultimately, the overall intent of the kit is to prep these young women as much as we can “prior-period”, so when her menarche strikes, she’ll be ready.

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