OIO Brochure

I was asked to help redesign OIO's medical brochure for their innovative Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy. After talking with the client, and figuring out the hierarchy of the content, I set forth to change the world of medicine! Joking aside, my first task was to figure out what content should live on each page; With a trifold brochure, there's a particular "opening ceremony" that needs careful planning. Next, I needed to help illustrate what the RPR Therapy process entails, so potential patients could clearly understand the procedure. Everything else serendipitously fell into place, and the final solution turned out to be a clear and clean brochure. The piece feels warm, but also medically sound. The cover playfully hints at the separated blood, highlighting the title in the "platelet rich plasma" itself *see illustrations on brochure for clarity.

OIO's Previous Brochure Design

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