GRCD 2016

DAAPWorks, the School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning’s senior capstone show takes place every year. Production of the event is orchestrated by the students, who team up and develop brand concepts to pitch for the show. The following identity system was a branding proposal for the GRCD exhibition, that myself and six other designers created. We presented the concept of “Overlay” to symbolize the experiences we’ve accumulated during the past five years, and how those layers of knowledge and skill combined to create stronger designers. We won! My primary responsibilities consisted of determining the visual direction of the brand as well as the development of the logo itself. All seventy-three GRCD students were grouped into different teams in accordance to specialty and skill for implementation. I helped lead the Brand Guidelines team, art directing the class to keep the visuals aligned. In the end, it was a success!

Check out the final website here!
GRCD 2016 Promo Video. Helped record the voice-over.
How our layers combine together!
Social Media Campaign
Exhibition Booklets
Exhibition Projection
GRCD 2016 Bumper Reel
   Brand Guideline Team ("Don't make us angry!")

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