Bug Icon System

The goal of this project was to develop a cohesive symbol family, with an over arching application of our choosing. The applications could range from zoo signage all the way to packaging, as long as the symbols were utilized in a way-finding manor. In the end, such applications would need to be illustrated, showing how they intended to live within the application. For this project, I was assigned to create insects.’ Immediately, I wanted to apply my symbols to a summer camp setting—bugs and camps are synonymous, and therefore it made sense to combine the two. My icons needed to be playful, recognizable, and suitable for a younger audience. They would act as a way-finding mechanism by differentiating the teams within the camp (i.e. there would be eight different groupings of children and counselors, and each group would be assigned a certain insect). The children attending the camp would be between the ages of third grade (nine years old) and sixth grade (twelve years old), meaning the kids would be old enough to participate and be informed in activities, as well as young enough to still appreciate the camp without it being “uncool.” The eight insect symbols would be paired with a color, and thus applied to the camp teams, jerseys, temporary tattoos, lanyards, bandanas, and anything associated to that group. The camp would be called Camp Lantern (seeing as insects are attracted to lights), and any indication of the lantern’s glow would become a glow-in-the-dark feature.

Glow In The Dark Feature
Summer Camp Swag
Team 'Beetle' Flag
Team 'Beetle' Cabin

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