Bachelorette Party Invites

My larger-than-life big sis is gettin' hitched! She's a firecracker redhead, with a love for the Fourth of July. When it came to planning her Bachelorette party, the theme was a no-brainer: "Red, White, & Blue before I do!" Red = Redhead White = Wedding Blue = "Something borrowed, something blue..." Teeming with ideas for her invitations, I put pen to paper. The fourth is often called Independence Day—how appropriate, as it'll be Paige's last hoo rah of independence before she's married. Not to mention the large signing of John Hancock on the Declaration of Independence (I'll leave that phonetic gem for you to piece together). For one last touch, I was inspired by the idea of an articulated doll. We all know how rowdy a good Bachelorette party can get, and therefore, I held nothing back. I figured it'd be a fun element for those receiving the invite, to construct a paper doll of my sister, and have her "ride the flagpole" on the back of the invitation. I wanted to engage the audience, and build social media buzz. The palette compliment's the wedding's scheme of black and white, with a punch of red for visual interest. I crafted the invitations myself, stamping stars on the envelopes, and punching star confetti.

Invitation Theme Insert

Invitation Front

Invitation Back

Articulated Doll Insert

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