Avatar Animation

As soon as I knew about the Smith Micro Avatar Challenge, I was incredibly excited; I’d wanted to illustrate a character of some sort for a while, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I started by sketching multiple solutions, all the while, jamming to classic rock in the background. Maybe the old-school music became my muse in a way, as the solution I found myself drawn to was George, the quintessential old-timer who undoubtedly would have been listening to the same tunes. My connection to George only grew stronger as I took him from paper to pixels. Intrigued by the notion of animation, though not entirely trained for it, I set out to breathe life into my hopeful doodle. Thanks to my educators at the University of Cincinnati, I was well equipped, if not ready to learn how to make it happen—and I did. In a Frankenstein-like production (though far less monstrous), George became ALIVE!

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